Helping you find the right card

Suggestions for an adult grand daughter

Having difficulty choosing a birthday card? STU ART CONCEPTS can give you guidance and make suggestions for greeting cards. Story of how I helped a customer.

Synthwave range of birthday cards

Early 2000’s music and art style, synthwave, inspired this range of birthday cards. Ages 10 to 19 available. Add personalised name and inside message. Choose size and envelope.

Milestone 21st birthday card

We celebrate many milestones during our life. From birth to death we strive for and pass many goals, some of which are age based. Reflecting back on these can spark memories from your past. For example, going to school at 5, becoming a teenager at 13 and getting your driver’s licence at 18 (or the […]

CoVID19 – Keep celebrating with a personalised greeting card

Saving people’s lives during the CoVID19 crisis means that we all need to socially isolate. No more birthday parties, wedding receptions or other celebratory gatherings for the duration of worst the crisis. As we come out of the crisis smaller gatherings might be possible. Consequently you may not be able to attend the celebration. One […]

New printer = better cards

Printing of my greeting cards has developed a lot since I first began making them in 2014. My first printer was a Canon multifunction colour laser printer. This had severe limitations on the card thickness as it rolled the card when printing. It also often jammed which meant a lot of waste and frustration. To […]