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We celebrate many milestones during our life. From birth to death we strive for and pass many goals, some of which are age based. These personalised 21st birthday cards celebrate one of the biggest.
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We celebrate many milestones during our life. From birth to death we strive for and pass many goals, some of which are age based. Reflecting back on these can spark memories from your past. For example, going to school at 5, becoming a teenager at 13 and getting your driver’s licence at 18 (or the legal age in your country). Most importantly, when you turn 21, you become a member of the adult society. These were the thoughts I had when designing this personalised milestone 21st birthday card.

Personalised milestone 21st birthday card

Sharon, in Los Angeles, wanted a very special 21st birthday card for her son, Aaron, as she was not going to be able to celebrate the occasion in person. She chose the blue version of this personalised milestone 21st birthday card and asked for edits to the name and date as shown in the picture below. In addition she chose the personalised message option inside. The picture below shows the beautiful words she typed. She has written about the many memories she cherishes with her son and you can feel the love she has for him. Also she selected the silver shadow metallique finish envelope to make the card even more special. (UPDATE – Recycled brown envelopes are only available now)

To personalise any card you just choose the size and inside options. Then write the text details in the personalisation box and I’ll edit the artwork for you. You’ll be sent a screenshot of the artwork for your approval before printing.

Shipping time

Shipping time to the USA was 6 to 9 business days so the card might not arrive in time for his birthday. Consequently, she asked me to post the card direct to him. Also, I emailed her a PDF of the artwork so she could give him a temporary card if it didn’t arrived in time. I offer this backup to all overseas customers. Fortunately the card arrived the day before Aaron’s birthday.

Different colours?

Perhaps your recipient likes a particular colour. This design, and many other card designs, can have the colours adjusted. The cost varies from FREE to a small extra charge depending on how much work is involved. You can send me a message with your requirements and I’ll let you know the cost and send you a screenshot for your consideration. Sometimes it makes it easy if you attach a picture of the colour/colours.



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