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When someone opens an ecard the joy is just for a minute. However, if you give them a unique physical card that has been personalised with your love, then the joy will be each time they see it standing on the mantlepiece, sideboard or dresser. They may even keep it as a keepsake to be discovered again and again. In fact they might want to frame them as STU ART CONCEPTS prints on museum grade card with archival grade inks.


Get your personalised greeting cards from STU ART CONCEPTS. Stuart McWilliam designs the bold graphical designs which he then personalises to your requirements. They are exclusive to the shop or my eBay or ETSY shops.

No two cards sold by STU ART CONCEPTS are the same! Because of the options available, each card is unique and special for your recipient. The options in each card’s listing makes it easy to personalise them. Firstly, many cards are personalised for free with the recipient’s name on the front. Other ways to make your card unique are by size, inside message and envelope colour.


Suggestions for each of 3 available sizes:
A6 card – a high quality standard size card at the cheapest price, with a choice of envelope colours.
A5 card – a big card for a special birthday like a 13th, 21st, 50th or, a wedding anniversary and comes with a white linen-finished envelope.
A4 card -a large card for a very special occasion like a work place birthday or saying thank you to the team coach so everyone can sign the card.

Choose from 3 card sizes A6 small card A5 medium card A4 large card

Many cards include the recipient’s name which is edited for free. Simply write the recipient’s name in the relevant box for me to edit on the card. It can be the recipient’s name, nickname or their relationship to you.

100th birthday card roman numerals bth473 any name

You have a choice of 3 options for inside the card:
Blank – For you to write your own message.
Standard greeting – A design with space for you to write a message.
Personalised message – Enter the details in the relevant box and I will setout the text for you. A draft is emailed for your approval before printing.

13th birthday card finally a teen bth465 inside

Select the envelope colour to suit your recipient when you buy an A6 size card. Each listing has a picture showing the suggested colours. A5 and A4 cards only come with a white envelope.

birthday card edit name mondrian bth428 envelopes


Stuart McWilliam as STU ART CONCEPTS designs digital art that features bold geometric graphics, optical illusions and more. They suit the modern or contemporary home and office. The unique designs are exclusive to this online shop or my eBay or ETSY shops.

Browse the art here.

You can purchase the prints in metric sizes A4, A3 or A2 sizes or similar imperial sizes.



All greeting cards and prints in the shop include FREE SHIPPING to Australian addresses. You can also buy from my eBay or Etsy stores.


In order to comply with your countries rules and taxes, please purchase my greeting cards and prints from either my eBay or Etsy stores.

Each listing in the shop includes a direct link to the same item in my Etsy shop. If it is not available on Etsy, then contact me using the link in the listing and get sent the link to the same item in my eBay store.

Both eBay and Etsy stores include FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

Furthermore both stores allow for the same choices: 3 card sizes, 3 inside options including a personalised message, and a choice of envelope colours.

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