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Patriotic Red White and Blue Age Birthday Cards

60th birthday card edit name red white blue bth088 snippet

Bold red white and blue graphical numbers is the feature of this range of happy birthday cards. Firstly there is combination of lines circles and solid colours combine to create the numbers. Then “Happy Birthday” and the recipient’s name are subtly written in the circle.

Not only are the colours vibrant in red, white and blue, but they can represent the person’s country. Therefore this makes the collection of happy birthday cards particularly suitable for someone who is very patriotic. For example, they could be living in Australia, USA, UK, France, Russia, Thailand, and many more as can be seen from the country flags below.

There are many countries with red white and blue in their flags. For a complete list you can visit Wikipedia.

Furthermore, do they support a team whose colours are red, white and blue?


This range of birthday cards was originally designed in 2015 and was one of the top sellers. However, some customers requested that a name be added to the front of the cards they ordered, which was not easy to do. Consequently, in 2019, the designs were refreshed to include a personalised name on the front.


Make every birthday card unique. STU ART CONCEPTS’s shop makes it really easy!

Firstly, what name do you want? The birthday card can be for man woman male female mum, dad, any relation such as aunt and uncle, grandma, grandpa, or friend. Personalise with their name or the relationship to you. For example, I can edit to “AUNTIE BETTY” “NONNA” “SISTER.”

Next, do you want a standard sized card (A6) or a larger one. For example, the large A4 size is perfect for a very special birthday like a 70th so the whole family can write messages inside to your dad or mum. Likewise, the A5 size is great when you want to write a long message such as a husband to his wife.

Then decide what you want inside. There are 3 choices: blank, standard greeting or personalised message.

Lastly, for standard size cards, you have a choice of envelope colours.

To purchase any of these cards or see all the details click on the links below.

  • 21st birthday card edit name red white blue bth092 display 1
  • 25th birthday card red white blue bth094 display 1
  • 30th birthday card red white blue edit name bth086 display
  • 40 birthday card edit name red white blue bth084 display 1
  • 50th birthday card edit name red white blue bth090 display 1
  • 60th birthday card edit name red white blue bth088 display 1
  • 70th birthday card edit name red white blue bth089 display 1
  • 75th birthday card edit name red white blue bth093 display 1
  • 80th birthday card red white blue bth087 display 1
  • 90th birthday card edit name red white blue bth091 display 1

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