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Synthwave range of birthday cards

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In the early 2000’s the music and art style, synthwave, was inspired by many 1980s films, video games, and cartoons. The art features neon colours, night views of cities and landscapes, cars and chrome.

The synthwave range of birthday cards was designed by stuARTconcepts based on these ideas. The birthday cards are suitable for boys but many girls will also like them. Give it to your son, brother, grandson, nephew or friend.

Make your birthday card unique by editing the name on the front, adding a personalised message inside and choosing your envelope colour. Available in A6, large A5 or very large A4 sizes. To purchase any of these cards or see all the details click on the links below.

10th birthday card

11th birthday card

12th birthday card

13th birthday card

14th birthday card

15th birthday card

16th birthday card

17th birthday card

18th birthday card

19th birthday card

Credits – Video animation by Frankie Shin