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Helping you find the right card

Suggestions for an adult grand daughter

If you are having difficulty choosing a card, then STU ART CONCEPTS can give you guidance and make suggestions. It is as simple contacting me with a few details about your recipient.

For example, Margaret, a frequent customer, needs such help. She is an 83 year old lady living in Sydney who loves sending birthday cards to her family and friends. She finds it difficult searching online to find the right card. Therefore I help her by making suggestions from my range based on the details she gives about the recipient.

Adult granddaughter birthday card

Margaret’s granddaughter will be celebrating her 23rd birthday next month. For her, she wanted a birthday card with a name on the front but preferably not an age as it wouldn’t be a major birthday. As a result, I suggested the 4 cards in the image below. Margaret decided on the cat card which I personalised with her granddaughter’s name and an inside message. She chose the lilac coloured envelope which I agree is a great colour for this card.

Suggestions for an adult grand daughter

Australian customer links to bth224, bth330, bth421, bth448 in the shop.

International (and Australian) customer links to cards in my Etsy shop bth224, bth330, bth421, bth448

Son-in-law birthday card

Likewise, Margaret wanted a name birthday card without the age for her soon to be 51 son-in-law. Of the 4 suggestions, she chose the long shadow design. This I personalised with his name and an inside message. Almost any colour envelope looks good with this card.

Suggestions for a 51 year old son-in-law

Australian customer links to bth155, bth268, bth413, bth428 in the shop.

International (and Australian) customer links to cards in my Etsy shop bth268, bth413, bth428

93 year old friend’s birthday card

At the last minute, she remembered that she also needed a birthday card for her 93 year old friend. The card she chose was the “wine glass design” with a musk envelope.

Suggested cards for a 93 year old friend

Australian customer links to bth067, bth120, bth159, bth263 in the shop.

International (and Australian) customer links to cards in my Etsy shop bth067, bth120

How can I help you?

In the same way I can give you guidance in making a selection. Contact me with some details.

For example details like these:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Relationship to you
  • Things they may like – sport, hobbies, interests
  • Colour
  • Anything else

Perhaps an existing design can be modified to be more appropriate for your recipient. For instance a different colour may be suitable which for many designs can be done for a small extra charge. Similarly simple changes can be made to the wording on the card. Contact me with details by including the a link to the card (url).

Another way is to ask for a custom design. Contact me with a description of the concept you have in mind.

STU ART CONCEPTS wants to make every card right for you.

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